Local Events

The Disparities Solutions Center is committed to disseminating the latest information on disparities interventions, findings from important disparities research and health policy updates regarding disparities reduction efforts. In order to disseminate this information to the broadest possible audience in a stimulating and interactive manner, the DSC hosts several web seminars and discussion forums each year.




Racial and Ethnic Disparities – Keeping Current Seminar Series

Keeping Current_1

The Keeping Current Seminar Series, which was launched in 2006, features informative presentations from experts in the field; context, perspectives and opinions from key health care stakeholders; and opportunity for discussion from all participants and attendees.

Past Topics :

  • Racial Disparities after Massachusetts Health Reform: Does Expanded Insurance Coverage Impact Variation in Surgical Care?
  • Hearing All Voices: Race, Ethnicity, Language, and the MGH Patient Experience
  • Professional Language Interpretation and Inpatient Length of Stay and Readmission Rates
  • No Patient Left Behind: Social Determinants of Health Impacting Access to Radiology and the PEER project


Racial and Ethnic Disparities: Looking Back Seminar Series


Looking Back focuses on key historical topics related to race and the health care system and highlights how they impact disparities today.

Click here to download the Presentation from February 2016. 

Past Topics:

  • Hospital Segregation and the Hill Burton Act
  • U.S. Hospitals: Historical Legacies and Health Disparities
  • Racial and Ethnic Disparities and Dysfunction in Health and Health Care: Historical and Contemporary Issues

Film Series


The Schwartz Center, MGH Multicultural Affairs Office, and the DSC, collaborated to produce a film series to raise awareness around the issues of racial and ethnic disparities and cross-cultural care. The goal of the Film Series is to raise awareness of health disparities and cross-cultural care among health care providers through the screening of popular and documentary films, followed by expert panel discussions and question-and-answer periods. Through the use of this format, we aim to improve health care providers’ ability to understand and communicate with diverse patient populations, and be more skilled in cross-cultural communication.

Past Topics:

  • Pediatric Health Disparities: Providing Cross-Cultural Family-Centered Care
  • Cross-Cultural Care: Caring for Transgender Patients
  • Crash: Stereotypes in Society…and Healthcare?
  • Environment, Education and Empowerment: Improving Nutrition and Addressing Obesity in Vulnerable Communities

Stand Against Racism


The Disparities Solutions Center, the Multicultural Affairs Office, and the Center for Community Health Improvement came together to host the Annual YWCA Stand Against Racism Event. The Stand Against Racism™is a national movement that was initiated to raise awareness and educate audiences on the racism that still exists in our communities. The objective of these “Stands” is to bring organizations around the nation together to unite and eliminate racism.

Past Topics:

  • Widening Income Inequality and its Effects on Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Boston and Beyond
  • How Do Social Determinants of Health Impact Racial and Ethnic Disparities In Health?