DSC Associates

In order to respond to national and local calls to action to address disparities in health care, it is essential for the DSC to build a strong network of experts and researchers to broaden its skill set and talents. As a result, the DSC has developed an Associates Program, following the principles of partnership and collaboration.

The DSC Associates are a diverse group of health care professionals—including health policy experts, health service researchers, among others—who are committed to developing concrete, practical solutions to reduce racial and ethnic health disparities. The Associates work with the DSC Senior Staff on projects that build on their joint expertise, and serve to meet the needs of the field.

DSC Associates benefit from:

  • Access to new funding opportunities
  • Access to center expertise for project collaboration
  • 2-year renewable appointments

DSC Associates responsibilities include:

  • Attending one strategic planning meeting per year for all DSC Faculty and Associates
  • Attending major DSC sponsored events
  • Promoting the DSC and the Associates Program when opportunities arise
  • Initiation of at least one collaborative project with the DSC during 2-year tenure

To enter the Program, potential Associates must be recommended by a DSC faculty member and:

  • Must have a demonstrated interest in eliminating disparities through research, quality improvement, leadership, or other efforts that can build on the DSC’s efforts
  • Must have either MD, RN, PhD or similar degree (note: extensive experience will be taken into consideration in place of degree)

Click here for the 2017-2018 DSC Associates List

Announcement: DSC Associate Dr. Nhi-Ha Trinh Recieves Prestigious Award from Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Finding Answers: Disparities Research for Change, MGH Department of Psychiatry

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has awarded the MGH Department of Psychiatry a prestigious 2-year research award under its program, Finding Answers: Disparities Research for Change. Co-PI’s Nhi-Ha Trinh, MD, MPH, (a DSC associate) and Andres Bedoya, PhD, will be leading the project to improve recognition and treatment of depression for Asian American and Latino American patient populations in primary care settings. The project was developed with input from the DSC and grew out of collaborative work funded through a generous grant to the DSC by Jane’s Trust to develop quality improvement initiatives aimed at reducing disparities in diabetes, colorectal cancer and depression.