Business Diversity Senior Program Manager
Tufts Health Plan

Watertown, MA

Class of 2017-2018

Why are you passionate about this type of work?

My family has a strong, long-held commitment to civil rights and improving social conditions that was a major part of my upbringing. I recognize that many social conditions have long influenced health of diverse communities, resulting in some of the health inequalities we see today. I believe it is important to work towards a more universal standard of equal and adequate health.

What was your “aha” moment while working on equity-related efforts at your organization.

Tufts Health Plan is a mission driven organization with a strong commitment to diverse communities. Even with this commitment, I’ve learned that organizational change requires innovative thinking to address technical, resource, and other challenges. My “aha” moment has been realizing that we need to continue to articulate the business case for health equity internally and I’ve recognized that individual conversations, meetings with leaders, discussion documents, and even elevator “meetings” are all important and necessary opportunities to continue to articulate and build awareness of that business case.

What part of the Disparities Leadership Program has been the most useful in moving your work forward?

As a member of a small team at Tufts Health Plan, we have had to design efficient and effective processes for moving our work forward. The numerous business tools presented at the DLP, particularly at the second in person meeting in Santa Monica, have enhanced my own “toolkit” and provided a platform for me to try out these tools before sharing them more broadly within our organization. When I got back from the DLP meeting this February, I put one of them (the rose, bud, thorn exercise) into practice in a large stakeholder meeting, resulting in a strong outcome and enthusiasm amongst participants that has helped us to kick off our health equity initiative this year. I continue to reference the tools presented at the February DLP meeting as this initiative evolves.

What is one piece of advice you would give anyone working on disparities/equity related efforts?

Use business skills to advance solutions, particularly for efforts that involve a group of stakeholders that do not regularly work together. Sometimes even small-scale solutions can have an impact, and taken together, several small solutions can become an impactful program.

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